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  • 340th AMU: “Turning fuel into freedom”

    With more than 20 KC-135s, members of the 340th Aircraft Maintenance Unit here provide invaluable support to the Global War on Terror. During the past four months, members of the 340th AMU supported more than 3,200 sorties, which in turn provided 107 million pounds of fuel to more than 14,000 aircraft in support of GWOT. The 340th Expeditionary Air
  • Fibromyalgia support group to form at McConnell

    In 1996, I had an accident that left me with unusual symptoms: extreme fatigue, headaches, body aches, joint pain, sleeping problems as well as many others. None of these symptoms had I ever experienced before. I was struggling just to get out of bed. My body hurt so much that even the simplest of tasks had become challenging. I was even falling
  • McConnell’s own receives second bronze star

    Master Sgt. Timothy Waggoner, 22nd Logistics Readiness Squadron, received his second bronze star Sept. 28 during a promotion ceremony at the Robert J. Dole Center ballroom, for time served as convoy commander in Iraq, with the 70th Medium Truck Detachment, 57 Battalion, 366 Group. "I am confident being a convoy commander and enjoy leading the
  • Ceremony held for Little Heroes and Spouses are Heroes

    On Sept. 14, the Airman and Family Readiness Center (AFRC) held a ceremony for the family members of deployed personnel at the AFRC. The staff of the AFRC combined the two ceremonies together making for a night of appreciation for children and spouses alike. While the ceremony was meant mostly for the benefit of the children, the parents were
  • Military families experience deployment process

    Airmen and Family Readiness Center presents the Family Mobility Line 2007 scheduled Oct. 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the A&FRC, Bldg. 732. The A&FRC organized this program to give families a chance to have a sense of pride and a better understanding of what military members go through when they deploy. "We eliminated any distractions and solely
  • Deployed Airmen can still hug their families goodnight

    It can be comforting and soothing for military members to kiss and hug their spouses and children good night and see their smiling faces before bedtime. What happens when people are deployed and are 3,000 miles away? What can people do for comfort? If people are at McConnell Air Force Base, the answer lies within the Airman and Family Readiness
  • AF makes changes to special-duty pay

    Air Force officials have made changes to the special-duty assignment pay program as a result of an annual review, and cuts to the special and incentive pay budget. "Budgetary constraints dictated we think 'outside the box' to find equitable means of staying within our programmed budget," said Master Sgt. Gregory Little, a manager in the Air Force
  • Sound Retreat

    "Honey, I have some news. I am deploying in September." This phrase and others like it are commonly heard by spouses, family members and friends of military personnel. With about 500 members from the 22nd Maintenance Group deployed for various taskings and temporary duty locations per year, the base chapel decided to sponsor a reunion and
  • Officer runs down dream

    It might be one doosie of a jodie-call a McConnell member will be singing to himself while he tackles the 13.1 mile half-marathon at the 11th annual Air Force Marathon Sept. 15 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. However, this McConnell officer won't be singing the whole time. He'll be visualizing how hard he needs to run to win this
  • SERE training to be required for all Airmen

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley met Aug. 10 at the Pentagon with several Air Force leaders to discuss the road ahead for survival, evasion, resistance and escape training. Air Force leaders plan to broaden the focus of SERE training for all Airmen due to the threat of isolation and capture for Airmen supporting the war on