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  • AMC announced July FitFactor winners

    Air Mobility Command recently named eleven people from installations across the command as July prize winners just for enrolling in the FitFactor program and living healthy lifestyles. FitFactor is a new Air Force-wide youth fitness and health program sponsored by Air Force Services Family Member Programs. It's a Web-based program that encourages
  • American Academy of Pediatrics offers back to school safety tips

    The following health and safety tips are from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Making the first day easier Remind children that he or she is not the only student who is a bit uneasy about the first day of school. Teachers know that students are anxious and will make an extra effort to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible. Point
  • Got Security?

    I've lived in many cities during my lifetime and visited many more, and usually, I am vigilant securing my purse and valuables wherever I am. However, July 12 around 3 p.m., I, my mother-in-law, Laura Zazworsky, son, Danny, and daughter, Jennie, were driving around downtown Wichita. We parked in a parking lot right across from the Keeper of the
  • Deployment readiness vital to mission

    Deployment is the relocation of forces and materials to desired operational areas, according to the Department of Defense dictionary of military and related terms. For those military members who may be preparing for their first deployment, getting things in order may seem like an exhausting task. Several things have to be completed before leaving,
  • It’s time for lights, camera, action

    In just six days or preparation time and after only 37 hours of practice, the Missoula Children's Theater organized a full musical play of "The Little Mermaid" at McConnell's theater July 14. This was not a Broadway show, with Broadway performers, but a local play performed by 47 McConnell youths. "It was fun learning our parts," said Lindsey
  • New dorm clean-up throws ‘bay orderly’ in the trash

    The Air Force usually provides its single members, senior airmen and below, with dormitory housing on their respective bases. In return, the Air Force expects dorm residents to uphold a high-quality standard of living by keeping their dwellings clean and thus maintaining good health and moral responsibility. In the past, McConnell helped dorm
  • Air Force’s 60th Anniversary approaches

    Air Force bases around the world, are preparing for a celebration of the Air Force's 60th anniversary. McConnell's celebration will culminate with the annual Air Force Ball Sept. 15 at Century II in Wichita. From 1947 until today, and on into the future, the Air Force has made, and continues to make, an impact for the United States military.
  • Preventing computer intrusion

    Computer security awareness has become a major issue as many functions have been integrated to computers to allow more accurate and timely processing of information, according to the 22nd Communications Squadron. Computer security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of computers. Government employees, including active-duty,
  • Safety office offers lawn-care safety tips

    Lawn and gardening equipment is often found in and around residential homes. However, people sometimes forget these tools, whether mechanical or not, can be dangerous, especially if folks use them incorrectly. Lawn care essentials can cause serious injury to individuals. Each year approximately 75,000 people visit the emergency room due to
  • Emergency and urgent care: it pays to know the difference

    The Safety Council is urging all of us to take measures to prevent common hazards such as falls, fires, burns, and poisoning. The first priority people do when they or their loved ones are injured or sick should be seeking help. Knowing what type of help is needed can help TRICARE beneficiaries avoid unnecessary expenses. What is Urgent Care? An