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  • MDSS has healthcare covered at base clinic

    The 22nd Medical Support Squadron does exactly what it says in the name. They provide logistical, diagnostic, resource and administration support among a host of other activities to keep the clinic, and the approximately 20,000 area patients it serves, in good health. Support for the patient care system, treating an estimated enrollment of 12,500,
  • Ten ways to shine during the IG inspection

    What you consider as your worst nightmare is coming to fruition: The Inspector General is coming. Apprehension, worry, fear, anxiety and tension float through the wing like a thick fog as questions arise in everyone's minds: What will the IG team expect? What will they focus on? What happens if we bust? What do we need to do to succeed? Wait a
  • Walk of memories, a somber experience

    If you look closely, you may realize that you have driven past it a hundred times, maybe never realizing the significance or not knowing it at all. It's the Memorial Walk just past the main gate here. Initial construction of the walk started in 1976 as a pathway for people coming from base housing to the chapel and other destinations on base. There
  • Being prepared takes hard work

    Former Army Gen. George S. Patton once said, "A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood." I believe he meant it is better to sweat a ton while training hard for battle than it is to spill a single drop of blood during war. No truer words have been spoken, and they still ring true today as McConnell continues to train on a daily basis. Training is not
  • Lights On After School

    The McConnell School Age Program celebrated Lights On After School Oct. 20 at the SAP building here. "Lights On After School is a nationwide event to keep kids off the streets after school by getting them involved in programs," said Lori Paulsen, SAP assistant. "After school programs give children an opportunity to find out who they are and what
  • One poor decision can ruin evening, life

    Some people get a good night hug at the end of a romantic date. Others get a good night kiss. But, July 28, an Airman from Team McConnell wasn't so lucky. His date ended with a DUI, a charge for driving under the influence of alcohol. A senior airman class took his date to a bar for dinner and a couple of drinks on the evening of July 27. After
  • McConnell families work hard, play hard

    The McConnell Airman and Family Readiness Center hosted the Family Mobility Line Oct. 1 to give families an opportunity to understand what their military family members go through when they deploy. The morning began with a telephone recall from Master Sgt. Frank Prevost, 22nd Mission Support Squadron. When the families arrived at the processing
  • B-47 Stratojet key piece of McConnell history

    People might have noticed the B-47 Stratojet on static display in McConnell's airpark located next to Rock Road.Base personnel have twice restored the aircraft and maintain the aircraft and its grounds in tribute to the role it played in the history of McConnell and the U.S. Air Force. The Boeing B-47 Stratojet not only ushered Wichita aviation
  • KS ANG makes wish come true

    Sometimes wishes really do come true. Four-year-old Yosiah Smith got everything he asked for July 8, thanks to the Kansas Make-A-Wish Foundation and Kansas Air National Guard. Surrounded by full regal splendor, Yosiah, who has undergone treatment for acute lymphocytic leukemia since March 2005, was presented a play castle at his home in Penalosa,
  • AMC NSPS implementation schedule announced

    Air Mobility Command will begin implementation of the National Security Personnel System to non-bargaining unit employees in October in accordance with a recent announcement by the Deputy Secretary of Defense.Within the command, about 2,100 non-bargaining unit positions will be converted in Spiral 1.2 in two phases, with employees at Charleston Air