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  • National Law Day observed

    Some people look at today's youth, their fashion sense, their taste in music, their mind-frame and are intimidated by the thought that these young people will one day run the nation. Others look at the members of today's younger generation and see potential in tomorrow's leaders. Regardless of public opinion, for these youths to become the
  • Women take self-defense class for more than just kicks

    To recognize Sexual Assault Awareness month in April, free women's self defense classes are now being offered by McConnell's security forces personnel. The instructors have revamped the course with intent to teach it more frequently throughout the year. Classes are conducted in the fitness center at the Robert J. Dole Community Center to help women
  • Brush up on TRICARE’s dental programs

    Don't give oral health the brush-off. TRICARE has two dental programs that can keep everyone smiling. The TRICARE Dental Program and the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program are voluntary, premium based dental benefits programs that offer cost-effective dental services for eligible TRICARE beneficiaries. Here are the dental services. These plans include.
  • HAWC staff offers many services

    With a staff of experts in health, fitness and nutrition, the McConnell Air Force Base Health and Wellness Center, more commonly referred to as the HAWC, primarily focuses on disease prevention. Lou Stadler, the Health Promotion Flight chief, said they approach disease prevention in a variety of ways including fitness, nutrition and behavior
  • All fired up: Base firefighters smother flames during training exercise

    Team McConnell's Airmen, brave enough to take the heat of a raging fire, had an opportunity last week to fire it up when they held an aircraft live-fire training exercise June 11. This exercise was extra special because the Air National Guard had the opportunity to participate with them. The fire department is only required to conduct them twice
  • OPSEC is critical everyday, everywhere

    Operations security is a key component of antiterrorism and force protection, helping protect servicemembers, civilian employees, families, facilities and equipment everywhere by denying information. Good OPSEC practices are important, especially now due to the threat of terrorism against the United States. Simply put, OPSEC is all about denying
  • Stand up against sexual assault … make a difference

    Perpetrators of sexual assault wait for vulnerability. Many people have been trained to anticipate danger and be "on-guard" when out at night, walking to their cars, or going to a new city or area with which they are not familiar. However, 40 percent of all sexual assaults occur in the victim's home, and 20 percent occur in the home of a friend,
  • One small change can make a difference

    To commemorate Earth Week, April 16-23, the 22nd Civil Engineer Squadron Environmental Flight is asking people to evaluate their energy-use and conservation habits. If people can find ways to use a little less energy, they can reduce the impact they have on the resources in their areas. Also, people can save money by making a few changes to the
  • McConnell CDC celebrates Month of the Military Child

    The McConnell Child Development Center hosted it's annual Month of the Military Child luncheon April 11.  During the luncheon, the CDC welcomed over 100 parents of military children enrolled at the center.  With approximately 190 children attending the center everyday, it was considered to be a success according to Bobbie Harris, the director for
  • McConnell library to celebrate national library week with open house

    The library has the ability to bring the world to your fingertips. National Library Week, from April 15 through April 21, celebrates the importance of having libraries in our local communities and its place in America's society. Having such resources available to Airmen and their families not only enhances them with innovative knowledge, it also