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  • Air Force Tidbits

    When the Air Force Song is played, it is customary to stand at attention from the first to the last note of the music. Do not salute. The same courtesy is rendered to sister service songs.
  • When big things happen in life, don't lose out

    The big events in life are busy times, but don't forget one important thing to avoid losing TRICARE health care coverage eligibility -- keep your TRICARE information current. It's simple to do. Just notify the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System when life's big events occur. The following Qualifying Life Events require updates of
  • Base library has much to offer

    With more than 48,000 books, 14 computers and numerous programs, the McConnell Base Library, located in the Robert J. Dole Community Center, has much more to offer than many people may realize. The materials offered at the base library accommodate a variety of people. The library has several computers with internet access, two children's computers
  • 344th ARS helps fuel McConnell’s mission

    The 344th Air Refueling Squadron's mission is to train and equip flight crew members to perform aerial refueling and airlift, wherever and whenever directed, according to Lt. Col. John Newberry, 344th ARS commander. Air refueling is vital because the KC-135's allow other aircraft greater range and loiter capabilities. This means they can fly
  • The weight on my shoulders: Personal story begins eating disorders awareness week

    I'm writing this without using my name, but I could be any woman (or man) you know. The gate guard who looks at your ID card in the morning, the mother taking her child to daycare, or the bagger at the checkout in the commissary. It doesn't matter what I do for a living or how old I am. I do not look thin, nor am I fat. I have a disease. I have an
  • McConnell member gets chance to save life

    Master Sgt. Michael Castillo attended the Noncommissioned Officers Academy at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., in 2002 to enhance his military education. He never imagined attending the academy would also put him in the position to help save someone's life just a few years later. A speaker visited his class at the NCOA to talk to students about a
  • March marks National Women's History Month

    In the early 19th century, women were considered second-class citizens whose existence was limited to the interior life of the home and care of the children. Women were considered sub-sets of their husbands, and, after marriage, they did not have the right to own property, maintain their wages or sign a contract, much less vote. It was considered
  • Tanker Talkers to hold speech contest

    On March 8, the McConnell Tanker Talkers Toastmasters club will hold a speech contest to select a contestant to send to the Area International Speech Contest. Judges will be evaluating speeches in three main categories: content, delivery and style. Toastmasters is an international educational organization dedicated to improving communication and

    From traditional Air and Space Expeditionary Force deployments, to embedded support to the U.S. Army, the 22nd Communications Squadron is embroiled, day-to-day, in the Global War on Terror. This small unit of less than 150 military, a handful of civilians and contractors provides support to keep Air Mobility Command's premier KC-135 Tanker Wing,
  • Welcome to the e-Contrails

    The 22nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs office would like to welcome Team McConnell members to the e-Contrails. The e-Contrails is the base's new method for delivering news. Much like its predecessor, the hardcopy Contrails newspaper, the e-Contrails contains stories, art and photographs showcasing McConnell's members and mission. The public