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  • Who gave you tooth decay?

    Did a loved one unintentionally give you a cavity causing bacteria?According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay is the most common infectious diseases among children. They also reported that one quarter of children are affected by tooth decay between the ages of 2 and 5,

  • Human Weapon System Maintenance and Optimization

    In World War II, it took hundreds of bombers to drop thousands of bombs to destroy a single target. Today, an F-22 Raptor flown by a single pilot can drop 16 bombs and destroy 16 different targets in a one sortie. Just as the U.S. Air Force has redefined the meaning of "mass" in warfare, the

  • McConnell IDS calls for feedback to enhance community

    Every two years, the Integrated Delivery System, comprised of base helping agencies, write a plan that encompasses big concerns and issues our McConnell community deals with on a daily basis. We urge you to tell us what's on your mind throughout the past year and help us accomplish this because we

  • The strength of our nation

    Fellow Mobility Leaders and Teammates,Our Nation was founded on a belief in equality and justice for all. Our history is replete with examples of women that have challenged injustice, and worked to ensure America's commitment to the rights, security, and dignity of all its citizens. Many of them

  • Irreplaceable?

    Upon hearing the news about the Confederate capture of a Union brigadier general along with 100 horses, President Abraham Lincoln commented out loud "Sure hate to lose those horses."When asked about the brigadier general, he commented "I can make a brigadier general in five minutes, but it's not

  • Important tidbits for Children’s Dental Health Month

    *Editor's note: The 22nd Medical Group dental clinic has put together a list of children's dental health tips. For more information, please call the dental clinic at (316) 759-5182.*1. Starting at birth, gently clean your child's gums with a soft infant toothbrush or cloth and water. As soon as the

  • I Got It

    We hear a lot of buzzwords in the Air Force today. Some of the most recent and heavily used are Wingman and Resiliency.To me the real question is what a Wingman is, and how to build a more resilient force.I consider the Air Force my family, and each and every member of the Air Force is my family

  • New Airmen have 'FTAC-ular' experience

    When I graduated technical school, all I knew was that I was joining the operational Air Force. What I didn't know was that I would take part in a class that would help me understand my new base and how I fit into it. The First Term Airman Center class is designed to help new Airmen transition into

  • Learning to lead; leading to serve

    Maintenance officers are a rare breed to say the least.First of all, we are few and far between. The enlisted to officer ratio in many maintenance organizations is typically 100 to 1 or less. To give you a local perspective, the 22nd Maintenance Group has over 1,200 active duty personnel and only 18

  • Preventing and treating tooth sensitivity

    Tooth sensitivity can have a number of causes. Some of the more common causes are caries (tooth decay), cracked or fractured teeth, trauma, tooth grinding or clenching, worn fillings (restorations) or tooth enamel and movement of the gums from the teeth as a result of gum disease or improper