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  • Thank you for serving others

    Team McConnell,As you make your Thanksgiving plans and gather with family and friends to celebrate this holiday season, we encourage you to reflect on how much we all have to be thankful for.  For one, Lanette and I are thankful for the sacrifices you and your family continue to make for our Air

  • 'To Honor With Diginity'

    "To Honor With Dignity."This is one of several mottos used in the McConnell Air Force Base Honor Guard, and it is by far the one taken the most seriously.Everybody on base has seen the Honor Guard at change of commands, promotions ceremonies and other base-wide events, but who exactly are they

  • Community Support Coordinator takes care of community, Airmen

    The Community Support Coordinator position is still fairly new to our Air Force and it's clear here at McConnell how the position has made lives better for our community members.The Air Force created this wing-level position in 2012 to focus on resiliency throughout the community and to serve as a

  • Commitment and Dedication

    When leadership in the U.S. Air Force comes to mind, most thoughts are steered toward individuals who are in high positions of authority. Regardless of these notions, leadership is exercised in nearly every aspect of our day to day mission regardless of rank, both officer and enlisted.  We give our

  • MAFB sets the standard, raises the bar for excellence

    Our wing has been especially busy for the last several months.  We have prepared for several wing inspections, hosted Air Force-level distinguished visitors, broke ground for KC-46 construction and responded to an aircraft incident.  I have always believed in your ability to accomplish the mission

  • O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave

    Like any Airman, when I hear the National Anthem, I feel a great sense of pride.  When I hear it, I often think of a family who lived next door to me when I was stationed at Randolph Air Force Base.  They had a four-year old son who waited for the music to play every day.  At 5 o'clock, when retreat

  • History repeats itself, opportunities don’t

    To obtain and maintain excellence in all we do, each of us needs to take advantage of the opportunities available to us in order to become better technicians, leaders, supervisors and Airmen. This means getting out of our comfort zone and learning to do new things, or working to get better in the

  • Relay Health: Micare

    Do you ever wish you could just email your medical provider and request an appointment or refill on your medication?  Well, now you can with MiCare.MiCare is a completely secure and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant portal, used through RelayHealth, that you can utilize

  • What's your legacy?

    As members of the U.S. Air Force we take pride in our heritage. Names like LeMay, Mitchell, Doolittle and Arnold remind us of prior world war leaders who stood up for what they believed in. They systematically executed the mission in an era that could not accept failure. Their skills were learned

  • Tips for improving diet and oral health

    Good nutrition is essential for good health and also the health of your teeth. How does a poor diet affect oral health?  Tooth decay and cavities are caused by acid that is produced when the bacteria "eats" the same foods you eat and those food deposits are left on the teeth.  Certain foods,