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  • Be Pro-Active not Re-Active during this next 45 Critical Days of Caloric Intake

    As the holiday season begins and continues on through the new year, calories seem to sneak up on people without their realization. Don't go into this season without a plan!On average most people gain between one and two pounds over the holidays -- doesn't sound too bad, right? The problem is that we don't lose those two pounds come January, and we
  • Fire Prevention Week

    As we all know and have heard, Fire Prevention Week is right around the corner! This year, the creative members of the McConnell Fire Department have decided to advertise smoke detectors under the theme "Hear The Beep Where You Sleep."We hope to enlighten a base-wide audience about the use and importance of these devices. In this article, you learn
  • AMC Commander reflects on his first year

    To the men and women of Air Mobility Command, I can't thank you and your families enough for the hard work and sacrifices that you make each day.  You are an unrivaled, Total Force team - active duty, Guard, Reserve, and civilian Airmen - and you make rapid global mobility a reality.In the year since I took command, I've truly been impressed by
  • Thank you to my great Air Force Family

    On March 26, I made my way out of the weight room at the fitness center when my throat suddenly started to swell.I had a sore throat that had been bothering me all week, but as I continued to walk away from the weight room, I stopped in the main basketball court to sit and catch my breath.The pressure started getting worse.I decided to go to the
  • Safely and Responsibly

    In my last letter to you, I asked you to call "time out" and re-evaluate how we can safely accomplish our local and global mission. Since then, our wings have held safety down days and the feedback I have received from your leadership has been very positive.We are off to a good start, now I challenge you to continue to maintain that momentum.
  • Every March, I mustache myself a question

    The razor hovered just above my upper lip; the blade suspended millimeters from my skin. The consequences of my next move would have lasting ramifications for at least the next thirty days. Even at this moment of reckoning, I wasn't sure which path I would choose.The day had started like any other Monday: Slap the alarm, get dressed, head to the
  • The complacency autopilot

    We're all exhaling now that the holidays are over and if you're like the majority of us that are inflicted with the "human condition," your brain is trying to re-focus on job-related activities and routine family stressors.It's all part of the natural cycle at this time of year. An example of common thought processes at this time of year goes
  • Mouth guards: are they necessary?

    What is a mouth guard?A mouth guard is a flexible appliance that is worn during athletic and recreational activities to prevent injuries to your mouth, face and teeth.When should I wear a mouth guard?It is advisable to wear a guard when there is any possibility of your head making contact with a hard surface or another person. They should
  • Make no bones about it

    As a young officer in the U.S. Air Force, I am always excited to listen about life lessons from many of our Airmen.Everyone's story is unique, and every wingman has different experiences and backgrounds that shape their personalities. In light of our unique characteristics, I would submit three bones - three critical attributes - that all Airmen
  • Safety, slow is fast

    As you are all aware, the operations tempo here at AMC's premier air refueling wing continues to remain high as 2014 comes to a close.  Whether you are gearing up for a deployment, participating in a base exercise or providing world-class support to the 22nd Air Refueling Wing mission, please take the time to think before you act so you, your